a landscape of memory

South Florida is a strange place for me. It is where I spent my early childhood. It was where my father and stepmother still live. I try and go back annually. I haven't lived there in almost 30 years but I dream of it's landscape more so than any other. The murky canals and palms swaying. All the wild reptiles. I had so much fear of the natural world there. I still do. There's an energy there that radiates from the ground, something that feels so primal, so fundamental, that it borders on the supernatural. I shot the double-exposed, color 16mm film near my father's house with him assisting me. An attempt to film a memory while making one.

The black and white images are stills from 8mm film shot around Tampa and a long kayak ride down the Hillsborough River in January of 2016.

Florida, You're a Dream

Double exposed 16mm film




February 26 & 27, 2021

Third Floor Window Gallery

Pittsburgh, PA

December 31, 2019

for First Night

937 Liberty Ave. Window

Pittsburgh, PA