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Adaptation has been a consistent theme throughout my photography. I photograph my community as well as the environment that surrounds my subjects.  I am interested in how we, as human beings, adapt to our surroundings and how we transform them.

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2014 - 2015

The Oval Portrait

The Oval Portrait is based on a short story of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe about the balance needed between the artist's love for his art and his beloved. Here, women who have dedicated their life to their craft become the muse and the artist of Poe's story.

2013 (In Progress)

Everything Changed, Then Changed Again

Everything Changed, Then Changed Again features portraiture of women in transition, in locations undergoing their own transformation in and around Pittsburgh.


In The Dark​​

In the Dark began when I lived alone in an arboretum in an unfamiliar city. This work conveys both the feeling of searching with limited visibility and the negative effects of that restricted perception: uneasy, vulnerable feelings with only momentary flashes of insight, and the uncertainty of where dark paths will take us. 

2006 - Present



In 2006, my mother, my aunt, and I visited Cuba for two weeks.  My mother exiled in 1968 and my aunt in 1991. I had never set foot in Cuba.  My grandmother, their mother, had just passed.  The images are an exploration of my mother's homeland, what was once there and what remains.

The Warehouses
Tenants of four warehouses in the West End neighborhood of Atlanta gave their permission to be photographed. 


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