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Personal Video Projects.  Click to view commissioned video work.

Postcards from Derr


Year of production:2016

Running Time: 3:49 min

Color / Sound 

Collaboration between Ivette Spradlin and Pat Francart

Camera and Editing by Pat Francart

Produced by Ivette Spradlin

Content by Derr Robinson Steadman

Screened Pittsburgh Filmmakers Faculty Exhibition, 2016





Year of production:2010

Running Time: 4:45 min

Color / Sound

Video by Ivette Spradlin

Music: rr vs d by AU (used with permission)

Contributing Artists: Jennifer Myers, Lauren Braun, Tara Zalewsky-Nease, Sean Derry, Maggie Negrete, Jonathan Burns, Mark Hayward, Travis Mitzel, Anna Lee-Fields, Diane DeNardo, Jenny McCord

90 Miles


Year of production:2007

Running Time: 34:10 min

Color / Sound

Video by Ivette Spradlin

All images photographed by Ivette Spradlin at the 90 Miles to Cuba marker in Key West, Florida.

Link to artist statement and exhibition images.


You Are Here, I Am Gone


Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 21:55 min

Color / Sound

Video by Ivette Spradlin and Athena Frances Harden

Documentation of the two women's lives over the course of several months. Click on the video to go to the Vimeo page and read the artist statement.

Winner of BEST IN SHOW at Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition

.Screened at Film Kitchen, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, July 2015


In The Dark


Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 3:54 min

Color / Sound 

All images by Ivette Spradlin

Music: Winter (What We Never Were After All) by Múm

Played at Pittsburgh's Slideluck Potshow, September 29, 2012


A Small Island of Daylight


Year of production:2010

Running Time: 4:53 min

Color / Sound

Collaboration between Ivette Spradlin and Lea Donatelli

Music: Tankpark by Mouse On Mars

Audio clips from HG Wells' War of The Worlds by Orson Wells

Images from The Earth book, Life Nature Library, 1962

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